We play with storytelling and discovery contexts to experiment with how self-realization impacts social issues.

Our work involves relationally discovering what lies at the interchange between revelatory moments, larger social patterns, and a willingness to be in the unknown.

We are re-imagining what it means to be a culture-changer in today’s world.

Let’s see what happens when we experiment with:
articulating honest reflections
shifting the blame frame
owning one’s own experience
relating with self/other through mirrored approach
and bringing invisible prejudices into the light

Open Call for Stories
Have you chosen to open to a process of inner and inter-personal transformation as an avenue to change the world?  COMPLETE THIS FORM to share your story, get involved, and/or nominate someone who is a change-generator after a fierce reckoning with self.


director, founder : garethgwyn.com

Gareth brings together culture leaders who have embarked on a self-realization journey and serves as a conduit for shining light upon their stories. 

She is fascinated by how the work process itself offers a mirror for her own growth in learning how to more deeply love.

editor : catganson.com

Cat creates transformational video content.

He is very curious about telling stories that are vulnerable, so that our hearts are moved and we are reminded of our interconnectedness.